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27 John St S, Hamilton, ON

Telephone: +1 905 521 88 80
E-mail: info@saigonhouse.ca

SAIGON HOUSE is a large upscale Korean resto with traditional grilles in the tables so that you cook your own food. For a moderate ($25.99 dinner) price, we had All You Can Eat orders of beef, short ribs, chicken, lamb, sausage, mussels, fish, shrimp, squid, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, zucchini, pineapple (and I'm sure that I missed some choices). We each started with miso soup, had the banchan (kimchee), and had a bowl of rice. Dessert choices included varieties of ice cream (mango, green tea) and osmanthus cake (actually jelly).

Our party of 5 happened on SAIGON HOUSE on a visit to Hamilton (i.e. farmers' market, art gallery). Searching Urbanspoon turned up this restaurant with only 5 reviews, but 100% satisfaction. That's an interesting endorsement.
The restaurant is large, with many booths. Our group of 5 was too large for a booth, so we were seated against the wall at a table with two grilles. The waiters/waitress acted in a flawless and friendly team service, so that we were just a minute or two away from having our requests fulfilled.

Toll Free: +1 905 521 88 80

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